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Be The Story | Environment, food waste, healthy eating


We can only value what we know.

These are the stories that fuel our passion for food. Stories to feed your mind, body and soul with healthy ways of living.

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Join the mood for a new change.

These are stories crafted to change perceptions and shape behaviours. Stories that show how each of us can contribute towards making a difference.

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Some stories are so inspiring that we can’t help sharing.

These are the stories about new and refreshing ways of looking and caring for our planet.

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Get VIP access to the backstage.

Let us take you through the hidden stories behind the great stories, unveiling what is usually unseen.

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About Be The Story

About us

With a history of 226 years of growth, at Jerónimo Martins we realised long ago that our dimension could make a difference in the lives of those we serve on a daily basis.

Up until now, we have been doing it by nurturing health through food, by cherishing our planet, by sourcing with integrity, by being part of the community.

But our responsibility doesn’t end here.

We also want to make a positive impact through stories – by telling them, by unveiling what lies behind the curtain, by sharing them, by trying to change them for the better.

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