Who’s leading the world ranking of renewable energy?

If we asked anyone which country is second on the world ranking of renewable energy production, we bet no one would get it right.

Most people would say something like “Norway” (or any other nordic country) and they would not be far from the truth, since 97.9% of their energy comes from renewable sources, including hydropower.

In fact, Norway is the cleanest energy producer in the world. Following its footsteps is New Zealand, with 83.1% green energy. Portugal is also on this ranking, occupying the 8th position. 4 Latin American countries are within the top 10, with 3 Continents represented on the top 5.

World ranking of renewable energy production map.

World ranking of renewable energy production map.

What is moving the adoption of renewable energies?

Wind and solar generation have been encouraged by ambitious climate policies in the European Union, the United States, China, India, Japan and Australia, and by the dramatic fall in solar and wind development costs over recent years, enabling developing countries to expand their renewable capacities.

Which renewable sources are taking the lead?

Wind has been the main hero of this rise, accounting for 30% of the additional power generation in 2017, with solar adding another 20%. Renewables now cover 1/3 of the power mix in Europe, 1/4 in China and 1/6 in the United States, India and Japan.

And while no Asian country is within the top 12, we should point out that 61% of the new renewable capacity was installed in Asia in 2018.

While the world is teetering on the brink of dramatic climate change, these numbers never fail to give us hope and, yes, energy to keep on the right track.