What can we do to avoid food waste?

Here are some tips to help you get started on the fight against food waste.
  1. You don’t have to be a genius when you stack your food in the fridge

    Just make sure you place new food to the back of the fridge and bring old food to the front, so you use what needs to be used first. Yes, it’s that simple!

  1. Your freezer is your friend

    Freeze your leftovers in bags tagged with the bagging date, so you may confidently eat them later.

  1. Plan your meals before your supermarket trip

    If you think of menus and make your list accordingly, you’ll save not only a lot of money but also loads of rubbish bags.

  2. Make your fruits and vegetables last longer

    Place kitchen roll paper under them. That will absorb moisture and keep them fresher for longer.

  3. Bananas don’t have to die so quickly

    If you wrap the stalk of the bunch, they will last longer – and you can also use the darker ones on alternative recipes.

  4. Challenge yourself with what you’ve got

    Try to cook a meal with what you have – it will save you money and break routines.

  1. Help yourself more than once

    If you serve less food on each plate, people who feel like having more will repeat – complimenting you -, while most people will leave less food on the plate.

  2. Make chips from your potato peelings

    Wash the potatoes, peel the skins and use the potato for another recipe. Pat the skins dry with kitchen paper, use low calorie fat and salt & pepper, plus any other flavouring you like, cook on a baking tray until crispy and voilà!

  1. Reuse leftover ingredients to cook a comforting soup

    Those vegetables, like carrots, zucchini, broccoli or cabbage, that start to become ugly, could have a destination other than the garbage bin. They could be the base for a delicious and nutritious soup. Using these vegetables to prepare a stock is also a good option to intensify the flavor of your dishes.