Our Story

Be The Story is a project launched by the Jerónimo Martins Group whose main goal is to tell stories: the ones that mark, the ones that inspire, the ones that make us think.

With an history of 230 years founded on growth, we know that our dimension can make a difference in the lives of those we serve daily.

And this close relationship is leading us to consider knowledge sharing as something natural.

Know The Story

Discover the characters and plots of each story.

But our responsibility doesn’t end here.

Hardly anyone acting alone will be able to influence the common behavioral changes that are so indeed needed.

And we can’t keep waiting for the others to find the solutions for solving the things that belong to us all.

Change The Story

Find some tips to change habits and behaviours.

And because we believe in the power of a good story, we also want to make a positive impact through good strong examples, sharing what we believe to be projects, ideas and people that generate positive energy.

Share The Story

Be inspired by the examples of others.

But behind the curtains, there is always a journey and a sense of commitment that deserves to be unveiled. And opening the door to get a glimpse of this hidden world, always away from sight, is also an opportunity to question ourselves.

Behind The Story

Take a look of the backstage.

Together, we can write a new beginning. Together, we can be a new story. Together we can choose another journey.

And this is how “Be the Story” was born.