Saving energy does not cost that much

Let’s look at how you can pay less AND help the planet, starting with the most obvious.
Turn off the lights
  1. Turn off any unnecessary lights

    When you think about it, it’s surprising how many lights you simply leave on that you don’t need. You’re paying a lot of money to the power company for no advantage at all. The good news? You can train yourself to do it and it becomes automatic. And if you switch to LED lighting, you are also saving on the ones you actually use.

Use “task lighting”
  1. Use natural light and use “task lighting”

    The sun is still free, and a window with blinds up can save you a lot during the day. And if you use lamps that are focused on what you’re doing (desk lamps, reading lamps, track counter lighting, etc.) instead of the ceiling lamps, you’ll find lower bills at the end of the month.

unplug the electronic devices
  1. Turn off those “vampires of electric power”

    Every electronic device, from cell phone chargers to TV’s and computers, that you keep plugged in and on standby, is draining power that you are paying for. Ideally, use those plugs that have a switch you can turn off. Or just unplug the power-sucking things.

use your windows strategically to manage heat
  1. Be strategic about your windows

    Keep them well closed if you want to conserve heat in the winter but open them up in pairs to create an airflow. Don’t forget to put the blinds down in the summer to prevent the sun from turning your rooms into heaters.

clean the coils in the back of the fridge to save energy
  1. Your fridge is your greatest power-guzzling appliance

    if you can, choose a recent model, since power efficiency has shifted dramatically in recent years. If not, check and replace the seals if necessary and make sure to clean the coils in the back – it makes a huge difference.

Avoid using the washer dryer
  1. The next power waster is the washer dryer

    Avoid it if you can, but throw in a dry towel with your load if you have to use it – strangely enough, it reduces drying time, by absorbing humidity.

Candlelight Dinner
  1. Be romantic

    You will be amazed at how much power you can save by candlelight.