Being eco-friendly with style

Can worn-out tarps become beautiful handbags and purses? What about flags and other polyesters? Can they become stylish cushions?

Indeed, they can! It is possible to achieve that by combining creativity and craftsmanship in just the right amount. This is upcycling.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the concept of transforming and reusing old or worn-out materials into new products. Designers worldwide use upcycling to produce beautiful handmade pieces – be it decoration or fashion – while also reducing waste.

Don’t get upcycling and recycling mixed up!

While recycling entails undergoing a cycle of collection, processing, and transformation, upcycling uses old or obsolete objects and materials to create new products with a whole different purpose. The premise is to transform something already used into a new, high-quality, different object while adding environmental value.

Upcycling is mainly used in the case of non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle materials. Instead of generating more waste and producing more rubbish, upcycling expands the lifespan of certain materials in the form of new products.

By reusing materials in an upcycling context, it is possible to bring to life various décor and design pieces, author furniture, clothing, and many others. And there are just as many materials that can be upcycled, such as plastic or canvas bags, advertising banners and tarps, mesh bags, clothes and other textiles, paper and books, and wood, among an infinity of others.

ReCreate: (re)creating original and sustainable products since 2014

ReCreate, which until 2020 was called Formª, is an upcycling project founded by designer and craftswoman Carla Lopes. The project intends to reuse materials and upcycling obsolete everyday objects – advertising tarpaulins are the main source – transforming them into garden décor, cushions, wallets and even commissioned pieces – it can’t get more exclusive than that!

Feeling surrounded by a sea of rubbish and waste, Carla Lopes decided to reuse some of the materials she came across to bring her ideas to life. Instead of incorporating new raw materials, Carla went the sustainable way and began creating new everyday items from old and obsolete ones. It became the defining factor that makes ReCreate unique, original, and sustainable.

It is a way to better use things that would go to waste and create new objects that might have everyday benefits for people.

Carla Lopes, founder of ReCreate

From a simple advertising tarpaulin, Carla Lopes designs and produces unique décor articles and exclusive accessories such as jewellery, tote bags, pencil cases or beach bags. By upcycling materials, ReCreate promotes conscious consumption and sustainability; by extending the lifespan of used materials, the brand also reduces the use of natural resources.