What thyme is it?

A rare species of the popular thyme grows on the hills of Portugal.

Known as “pure salt”, it has tiny dark green leaves and a fresh, strong and pleasant aroma, with traces of eucalyptus.

We are talking, of course, about bela-luz thyme, known to scientists as Thymus Mastichina. One of nearly 350 varieties of thyme in the world, bela-luz thyme is indigenous to Portugal and Spain.

But how can you use it?

If you fancy yourself a cook, then bela-luz thyme could be your secret ingredient. You can use it fresh or dried and it is an excellent salt substitute, giving meat dishes, stews or even soups a unique aroma.

This aromatic herb can also be used as an infusion. Its flavour might help you to feel more relaxed.

bela-luz thyme infographic

Bela-luz thyme