The single-use plastic challenge

The statistics on water pollution by plastics are baffling: every year more than 85 billions PET bottles are thrown away. This alone says a lot about our consumer habits.

The need to include sustainable measures on our daily lives and consumer culture is urgent, and an excellent start is reducing the amounts of single-use plastics we use. Thus, ECO takes over as an innovative project in Portugal, with a mission to promote healthier, more conscious and more sustainable consumer habits – starting with something as essential as the water we drink.

ECO: more than a reusable water bottle

While ECO makes reusable water bottles with an exclusive design, this movement is much more than a bottle. ECO represents a new way to drink water, aligned with the ever-present need of reducing waste and promoting conscious choices.

How does ECO work?

ECO’s baseline is simple: reducing the whooping amounts of disposable PET plastics that end up in landfills and the oceans – especially those used as water bottles. This way, ECO allows the consumer to not only acquire a reusable water bottle, but also to fill (and refill) it with purified water.

What kind of water purifying are we talking about?

ECO purified water undergoes a three-stage process before reaching your reusable water bottle. Firstly, the water from the supply network – that is, “tap water” – is filtered through a sediment filter that retains impurities from pipes and microplastics. Secondly, it is filtered through an activated charcoal filter that captures harmful residual chemicals that give your water taste or odour. Finally, ECO water is sterilised using an UV light, completing the purification process.

The result is a purer water, with less 99% impurities, less 98% chemicals and sterilized.

Are ECO stations easy to use?

ECO water stations are very easy and intuitive to use. At a Pingo Doce store near you, buy an ECO reusable water bottle and fill it with purified water, following the instructions on the station screen.

Every refill has a unitary cost of 0.18€ and the first refill is free of charge. ECO reusable water bottles have a capacity of 3L, and each bottle costs 1€.

Healthy and sustainable

The advantages of using ECO purified water and reusable water bottles are straightforward and evident. ECO water is healthier than tap water – since it is free of residual impurities, microplastics and chemicals – and helps dramatically reduce waste and disposable plastic usage in the household. For comparison, one ECO reusable bottle is equivalent to nine 0,33L single-use bottles full of water – but with no waste.

Available and at your service in over 120 Pingo Doce locations in Portugal, ECO will be ever more present in our daily lives and might revolutionise the way we drink water.

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