A nest of ocean nets

Every year 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear are lost or left behind in the oceans, including fishing nets.

These nets are also known as ghost nets, since fish and marine animals are getting caught and trapped in them. When unattended by any human activity, the forgotten fish nets will eventually be the cause of death to several fish and marine species.

And since fishing nets are mainly made from plastic, as well as tonnes of other sea pollutants, they take long to decay, releasing chemicals and substances during this process. That is why many NGO’s devote themselves to cleaning the seas. And this is where the Healthy Seas Socks’ story begins.

Sustainable comfy socks

Healthy Seas Socks are sustainable socks, made from retrieved fishing nets that are turned into recycled nylon, one of the main components used to produce the socks. It is the happy result of a partnership between Healthy Seas, an NGO dedicated to remove marine litter from the European seas (North, Adriatic and Mediterranean), and Star Sock, a specialised sock-making Dutch company established in 1996.

Since 2013, Healthy Seas has recovered more than 450 tonnes of fishing nets – and over 9 million pairs of Healthy Seas Socks came to life.

How are Healthy Seas Socks made?

Healthy Seas Socks’ journey starts on water. After ghost nets are recovered from the bottom of the North, Adriatic and Baltic seas, they are cleaned and sent to Italy, where a Healthy Seas’ founder partner turns nylon nets into recycled nylon.

The result is a repurposed and revived yarn, which is combined with organic cotton to make your feet feel even warmer.

Healthy Seas Socks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours – there are Colourful Seas Socks for the whole family! Plus, a part of the revenue from Healthy Seas Socks goes to the Healthy Seas project, so that they can keep freeing our seas (and its marine life) of pollution.

Where can I find Healthy Seas Socks?

After the incredible journey of these sustainable socks, you can buy Healthy Seas Socks through their online shop. Have you decided what to gift your loved ones for Christmas? Swap the traditional socks for Healthy Seas Socks.

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