Sustainable Production

The Jerónimo Martins Group endeavours to deliver the most tender and succulent beef to the customers visiting their stores in Portugal, while reducing environmental impacts.

That’s why the Group has invested in the agribusiness sector, to produce Angus beef and breed dairy cows, which are invaluable to the production of the milk, butter and cream offered in Pingo Doce and Recheio stores across the country.

And they do so by paying attention to the tiniest details. All to promote animal welfare. Not convinced?

Did you know that, on the Group’s farms, dairy cows are accustomed to living in calm environments, in their individual stalls, soothed by the sounds of classical music.

That’s right. While they are listening to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, the cows are being massaged by special rotating brushes to help them feel more comfortable and to improve their blood flow.

In case you didn’t know, cows also suffer a lot from stress, known as heat stress, which, because of the significant variation in temperatures, can impact production and the well-being of the animals.

To minimise the effects of heat, an advanced cooling system is used, which includes powerful fans installed above their stalls that are activated automatically to ensure air flow and ventilation when temperatures rise. Less stress means happier cows.

With a capacity to house over 3,000 Angus cattle and 1,000 dairy cows, and more than 1,200 hectares of land for animal husbandry and farming in Portugal, the Jerónimo Martins Group will not stop meeting the demand for top-quality products, while always putting sustainable production first.